April 30, 2009

i dreamt i met love last night. he had rich, dark features and a little taller than me. maybe 5’9″. i don’t know math units. when we were forced to part he found a way back to me. there was a drag show in the castle i was sentenced to- no, was imprisoned in. he was in a purple wig and great dress. i think his legs in those heels looked better than mine. when they paraded past me in a great hall, from backstage, he came to me and said, “aw honey, such sorrow in sweet eyes. it’s not that terrible.” i was forlorn and almost fully drowned. my heartbreak over our split had dulled all my edges.
i didn’t know it was him when he came to me, and responded only politely, until he slipped his hands inside my chest and cupped my heart. in drag. the look he gave me lifted the veil and i did nothing but ingest his presence and mine combined. he thumbed my cheek and we looked at each other for a little.


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