wooden box

August 30, 2009

you seem older than you did
(you’re) sturdier and dried out
more open, without hinges
like in september you might blow apart
but you’d be fine with the dirt inside

turns out i’m no crouching lion
with my apples and miles of stars
at the sound of your soul signing
i looked up, drooling, from my heart
my lungs opened , the spell broke hard
my claws clutched nothing but air
then i felt my mane and it was just hair.
you were just here
you were just there

they said we’re the same
well, i no longer mind
this is the last of the songs,
what are maps with nothing to find
at last i’ll hear of the girl i loved
i saw the shadows her body made.
you stood then sat, a block of wood
before i left, i watched the sun from your shade.

you didnt know i knew you
never believed she was mine
but she knew
and i do too.


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