it is my hope

September 24, 2009

it is my hope and honor to feel proud. on a personal level but within the context of family, also. all the friends and communities of friends i’ve known in the past 10 years, short-lived or still running in my veins, we’re all growing. it is my privilege to hope and to be proud. i get so caught up in the immediacy of my life, especially here in new york where it feels inefficient to slow down and reflect, i forget how much i’ve known and loved. how i’ve been stretched and how hard i’ve loved. how much my heart has been used. how i’ve participated and what i’ve been present for. too many times i didn’t show up, but all those other times i felt like the sole creation creating, or like the perfect portion of patchwork. the partnership, the camaraderie, the dual-yoke-across-chest-ing.

swim! ‘the only cure for everything is salt water: sweat, tears, and the sea.’

from september 23rd, i hail with equanimity and gladness. we’re not talking about life, we’re not planning it, we’re not simulating it, …. this is it.


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