a question, a survey

December 16, 2009

do you guys ever hate anyone?

i don’t mean the killing hate, the augusten burroughs hate, the teenage waste hate…

i mean the defensive hate of you threaten my people over and again and don’t blink an eye, while they live the life they were meant for
and still in the between, breathing, dreaming, sleeping quietly

you don’t know who the offense is because you both are so loath, so reluctant toward the other that nothing is ever clear.

life should not be a community of grossness. though there ought to be space in the ideal community for such misgivings and room for such miscommunicated differences.

i just don’t know where to bring my mind sometimes. it works, but those who work theirs often don’t impress much on me, rather the contrary occurs and i question their speedy little greedy hearts.

i give up on those around me all over again. it’s alright, i’ll rebirth soon.


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