a note on finding words!

February 18, 2010

when i discover these words, they become mine.
it a discovery only on a personal level, it seems, but if no one cared, their paths back home (our paths back home) would wither away like the rest of it all.
i love them, and if my true love is what i can offer, then i am thankful to have found the ancestors of the bullshit parading out of my mouth all the time.
to patch into the continuity of our language (painting feels this way too when it’s oil and color and the smells and liquid flakiness staining skin) is thrilling.

i feel just grand about it today.

hello february 18th, i am so grateful to be here now, with you and these words, this sun, the branches, shadows, gold ceilings and library lamps.
the seas of strangers swarming seem less isolated in their spaces – because what else could sanctify our common bonds than the spinning in our minds and the utterances we’ve taken to shaping?

my heart flies when my mind does. it feels so good to breathe.


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