A few things,

February 23, 2010

First things first:

In the Good Book (the birthday book – you know the big blue one goldschneider and someone) the other day, I was looking up my roommate’s birthday while we sat around in the big green sea that is the upstairs living room’s carpet. In the side columns of the book, each day is bestowed with tiny lettering and photos that show “famous people” born on the day and “corresponding images”.
One of the names was Daniel Burnham (September 4th), and the ‘corresponding image’ was the Flatiron Building. I worked for a company (more than one, actually) a few blocks east of what is generally considered “Flatiron”… and was intrigued by the building I’d never noticed (though not surprised; there are many!) and the huge old-timey avenues.

Later that day, I headed out to Tekserve (our neighborhood friendly Apple dealer) and beyond to run some errands. I happened to exit at 23 off a west line and as soon as I stepped out into the sun, the Flatiron Building was staring at me! How perfect. I marveled like a tourist and circled it, thinking about the photo from this morning.

So that was cool. A half a block later, past the MAC store you can sort of see (it’s the corner building poking out), was a cafe on the left. It was called, “Argo Tea”. If you notice entries below on this here blog, I flipped over the word “Argo”, or rather “Argent” – which was a word moment that had occurred That Morning! So two serendipitous moments bajingled out onto my doorstep (avenue) in a row and it felt great.



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