do you pledge out to an eternal love?

March 16, 2010

…because i do. and i’m wondering who else does. i feel like my personal scribbling book is full of little notes and pledges.

when you tear apart the fabric of the fates to find me, i’ll know it’s you.
when you think nothing of laying down your life to keep me, i’ll know we’re ready to love.
when you’re willing to let me die to save an undeserving world, we will have become love.
i’ve loved you forever, i’ll wait for you.

sometimes it seems like my heart breaks for every innocent, but my spirit, the noblest part of me, only soars when i contemplate the plainest and most human of love stories. the heroes and those who fight with them. these archetypes will never die, though they seem to be watered down more and more in a culture that is so scattered, paralyzed and useless as ours.
i always come back around to a soft conclusion that all one can do is try and discover, expose and nurture their own truths. i could care less for your mind, your vanities, your looks and charms. i’ll play, but only because i’m cursed with an impulse for mischief and games.
if you consider your way though, and are at least seeking an individual honesty, or have already begun cultivating it, then i can see you. i see you. if your heart beats, and you recognize the story we share in which Good will never win but Always Tries. i see you.
forgive my juvenile scraps and Capitalization Conventions. it just feels right. what feels right to you, and what doesn’t?

in other news,
my amazon cart is emptied and a slew of fun reading is on its way.
i’ve rekindled one of my personal childhood bibles/narratives, Albert Payson Terhune’s, “Lad: A Dog” for its unassuming, straightforward good heart and storytelling.

also in the mail, speaking of the good Book, is a sort of introductory text on the history of textual criticism of the Bible, “Who Wrote the Bible?” by Richard Elliot Friedman. i’ve always been curious (who wouldn’t be!?) about the subject, considering its unparalleled (a lofty and sensational title, haha) influence on western culture.

another update is my new rss subscription to the farmer’s almanac. gardening season is around the bend and i’m off to heed the advice of the FA and do some weeding/growth retardation in the beds outside this morning. oh sweet attempts at being an animal who loves this earth in 2010 brooklyn!


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