Bloggin’ break from work.

January 13, 2011

So… I forgot about this blog. Forgot to update it, anyway. I was over at AWAKENTHETITANS2010 for awhile, chronicling my adventures in Greece, and haven’t finished that either. I guess it’s about time to get it together and put it to bed.

In other news, a nice blizzard came and forgave everyone for this week in January. Friends are having birthdays. I’m fostering a coonhound. My insides are blazing. My energy is out of control, I think I need to start working out. It’s sizzling behind my flesh and I’m lucky I’m patient and letting it build up graciously. It’s fine – like a coil, ya know? Let it build, let it spring.

Spring. Too soon to think about, but tempting nonetheless.

I’m replanning next year’s trip – I really desperately want to work into the trip the following:

Learning new skills
Working and refining skills
Volunteering/helping with any skills, newly acquired or old.

I need to connect with the right people to ask about these things – I’m not a student so I’m not going to do something for ‘credit’ (what a horrendous way of phrasing a trip) … and most of the skills I want to acquire are less academic and more hands-on. Volunteering websites generally suck- they take your money and give a small percentage to the actual organization. (GoEco is one of the laundering bastards, fuck them. Don’t do it.)
I guess I just need to network my way into some new friends’ hearts, who know someone who knows someone who will teach me something I care about, because they care about the same thing.

Passions. Yikes. You know what they say about being led by them.. On the other hand, I more often than not quell my passions and try to follow a relative sensibility in my life, so it’s only fair to open wide the other parts.

This time last year I was up at the farm and it was like -15F with windchill. I was up before the sun, surrounded by people who sacrificed trivial pursuits to care for hundreds of animals (of souls) that would have been abandoned by the wayside. Waste from our culture. I was braving the wicked cold to do menial and less menial (healthcare is so fun) tasks to keep things running smoothly, and trying to make everyone smile in the leftover time. Physical strength, mental decisiveness, emotional relief.
I NEED to get away from the city and my slow solid grasp on my life here, at least a few times a year.

Welp. It’s good to be working in the mean time.

Hopefully I’ll have an update with some new plans at some point soon!


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