O Wind! If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

May 18, 2011

Hello blog! It’s been so long.

First things first: Flash hound pup got adopted out in Pennsylvania, where there are… trees and things. A great ending.
Dorus the weed plant cycled into her flowering phase and got bigger than anyone could imagine! Alas, with my lack of financial dedication to her.. mm.. production, she won’t be bursting with buds. She IS a she, though! She’s staying alive instead. The lights I have for her are not big enough to support her whole body in this final phase… so… she’s retired and happily a houseplant with the others.
The others! I have 3 trees now. My room is a jungle and I love it.
In October, Jeffrey and I are taking off on a trip (Munich to Lux to Ams to ATHENS! Greecetrip and back to NYC) and because no one will care for our plants (whether it’s roommates or subletters or whatever..) we are going to have a Great Migration of our houseplants combined. The loose plan is to drive the truck and maybe Eric’s jeep in a sort of plant caravan.
Jeffrey’s really excited about that. I’m not sure why, but more power to him.

So, what else? Hmm. I’m about to wrap at a show at Postworks – the building is wonderful, AND the SoHo location /aka A C E trains mean that I can easily stop at the gym after work on my way home. That’s been nice. I haven’t worked out in ages. It’s kind of an awesome feeling to sneak off in the night and sweat out all my feelings before heading home. Plus the music .. it’s pretty dead at the hours I go in, but I wish it were camera-free and totally empty sometimes so I could really dance-run .. haha. Goofy, yes. True, yes. There’s something really fun about getting wicked stoked on (mostly the upbeat Glee) songs and tiring yourself out running. I sometimes forget I’m not the character singing and end up embarrassing myself with some ripped off Sam ripping off Justin Beiber moves. I mouth the words like it’s my last chance for romance. It’s.. SO fun. Anyway. Then a quick hop back onto the G and I’m home. Fuck the J M Z. A man’s brains got scattered into the intersection when he was run over by a garbage truck there. I’ve been sketched out ever since. Plus the only violence and severe harrassment I’ve seen/experienced is always around that stop. Fuuuuck that! G train, Me train.

I recently endured/am still dealing with the after effects of a horrible coworker. Long story short, he can’t even do the most basic of Avid/TV workflow work, and had an awful attitude to boot. While getting paid the same as me, while I did all of our work. And when I didn’t, I would have to go back and fix the work he did (wrong). He denied and made excuses all night long. A superiority complex. Let that be a lesson – confidence is good but superiority scrapes away at your integrity. And CERTAINLY your work ethic. I didn’t say anything about it because it was pretty temporary and I don’t want to make excuses, myself. After the mess he left that I did not fix (his last night was my night off), it created a snowball effect in slowing down everyone else’s deadlines, including my friend who works on the show. Which sucks. Because he ended up having to fix the terrible kid’s mistakes, that I should’ve had the foresight to fix instead of trusting. But if YOU weren’t sure about your work, wouldn’t you at least mention it, instead of pretending it was done correctly?
Well, it’s over now.
Jeffrey told me I should have punched the guy and covered by making celebratory punching gestures at random, because of the America-Wins-At-Bin-Laden headlines the other week. A good idea, but not my style.

In other news, I sat across from a homeless old lady on the A, heading towards Hoyt-Scherm (which is where the gym is/where I transfer to the G to get home) and was eating a protein-y Odwalla bar. I wasn’t really hungry for the whole thing and wasn’t gonna be doing anything CRAZY workout-wise, so I didn’t really need the whole bar… I thought over and over how hungry she might be, and of all things you could give someone (unless she had like.. a soy allergy..) that half a bar was probably the best for her nutrition. I thought maybe I was too shy to give it to her because it was half eaten, and didn’t want to insult her. But I realized even if it was a wholly wrapped bar, I’d still feel too awkward to offer. Not because of the rejection, but because I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings or trigger any embarrassment etc on her part.
It was bizarre. A long ride. We kept peeking at each other. I slowly ate the whole thing, hyper aware of our situation.

Back to work, exports are done!

I hope I can tell you more things, blog. I notice so much and forget it so quickly. Love ya, mean it!


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