to the lady at city hall who was on the 6 also. we both could have gotten off at canal but we were too lazy.

June 16, 2011

How did you get that bruise?
If the subway station were not polka dotted like a homeless dalmatian (with gum and grime) I would lay myself at your glowing miles of skin and kiss all its malice away.
I’m a unicorn too, you know. And we can do that, we can leech the impurity into ourselves to process what can be undone.
For you, I would kneel, flat shins against the dirty cement. On months of chewed spit and crusty shoe soles pushed down like houses.
For you my horn could blaze, my seashell light could shiver.
Oh touch. Lay your creamy hand on my head and I will take away your sins.


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