Journals 02.10.11

November 24, 2011

(MUNICH, Journals 02.10.11)

So today is the last day of Oktoberfest – closing night as it were. And what a night it is. I feel like I’m maintaining a good balance of being practical and realistic in how I’m seeing this whole ish. On the one hand it’s an interesting cultural tradition – who of us finds foreign the image of a great Hall filled with swarthy men in leather all splashing their great 3-litre steins about? Come on, we’re at Long tables. It’s pretty western. The crossroads of our baby steps into civilization and tribal war fools way up in the north. Of course, that’s if you’re centered in the Mediterranean, where the legwork was done in the first place. It’s funny considering the current climate and the super white culture thumbing their noses at modern Greece – in their defense, they’re making bank on the financial misfortunes of Greece, so I’m not sure why they’re complaining. I think it’s unkind to be an asshole when you have the clear power in a dynamic.

A couple of quotes re: Greece from today’s tents and festivities:

“We gave them too much money!!!!”
“Italy, Greece, eh! Same, yes? …What?!”
“Oh Greece? Greece is nice for your girlfriend. You take your girlfriend there. She likes Greece. Me, I don’t care.”

Scary! I can’t wait to open my lungs in Ελλάς again. Meteora views, mountains of gods, the greatest oldest gift of reprieve; the olive tree! The olive branch. Oh Αθήνα, no wonder we chose you. ‘I’ve felt the wind on my cheek coming down from the East and thought about how we are all as numerous as leaves on trees and maybe ours is the cause of all mankind: get loved, make more, try to stay alive!’ (JL/Rilo Kiley)

Whoops, train of thought interrupted by Jeff and brother.

Anyway – on balance and perspective in Munchen for the first time at the most touristy possible event (although, I guess it keeps out the more timid tourists):
So on the one hand, I played along and had fun – embodying ‘judgment-free’ as far as I could muster – and I do admit, I’ve seen a ton of brotherhood or fraternity and not a SINGLE fight… all tense moments were diffused almost instantly. Like a spell. A clap to the shoulder. These men really love each other I guess.
On the other hand, I hate beer and binge drinking when they’re put together. Why do I travel? I head out for adventure – not to keep my head in the clouds. Well, rather, in a beer haze with thousands of people I’ll never recall! I’d trade all of them for a single person or even other animal that I can connect with strongly and care for. And in the case where it’s “not that deep” (T.Sias) at least some levels of pleasantries need to overlap. Aesthetic, mental, spiritual, emotional… like, I want to hear news of other lands. I want to know the stories of what happened here! I need these borders to picture a narrative for this city and land. So I can imagine and feel. Oktoberfest is very unsettling. It’s like this crazy limbo realm. The rest of Munich is gorgeous and the people seem well-kept and like they have a ton of great stories to tell. It’s just unnerving to me when I feel like this massive volume of people have nothing to actually say to me, or to someone who I resemble enough to tell. To be fair – they do have things to say, I’m sure. Not now. And not like they’d remember. Time and place for these things.

‘I remember, I remember.’ – The Unicorn, TLU / PSB

To be fair – I guess for some, a story is still a story whether you remember it or not – the delivery, the content, the context, the audience, etc… Is it? Maybe not for me. I guess the default answer is: [Maybe It Is] For Some.

Someone must be out there or has been or will be who doesn’t live inside the narrative. What a terrifying, inhumane world. I mean, isn’t that all we are? Not ‘all’ in a diminishing way. Everything we are. It’s beautiful. Our big collective story? Isn’t it the one thing we consciously agree on by default? The day you turn your narrative off is the day you’re lost. Do you come back? That’s a fantastic story, if so. If not – same as so much dust and matter breakdown. No humanity doesn’t equal nothing, it simply leaves out the light in our heads.

Okay, enough. Always on the move. Thank god. I don’t exist to follow around aimlessly. Not for nothing. And I certainly don’t leave a career obligation behind (or spend a good chunk of money) for it!

Auf wiedersehen!


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