notes from december

December 12, 2011

CHURCH AT LAFAYETTE AND ST.JAMES | Unwrapped, your makers appear so needy; “we are unworthy”, “forgive us”. You sad silly men, it’s not too late.


DEAR WOMAN | I tried showing you my soft belly. Now I will try being hard.


BUT I AM HERE | The salve and the beauty is too much. What I want is to feel


FOLLOW THE GOLDEN THREAD | It hasn’t broken, it was forgotten.


WATCHING | I forget your blood is for your heart. It tastes like opium


7 DECEMBER | Waking up to a gray dawn is for heroes.


LIVING IN BED STUY | Trees are always trees


MACEDONIAN DIRT | I still have never heard the sarissas sing. Tonight, they will listen to me.


GOING DOWN | I’ll tell him ‘hi’ from you.


BROOKLYN HARBOR | I hoped to meet sea people. The ships all left for Rome.



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