rain and rain when it’s holding things over your head

May 30, 2012

GUITARS | you’ll have to excuse me if I can’t bear you some days; you sound like my teenage heart.

RAIN ON A TIN ROOF | I still feel Kipahulu concrete snug inside overgrown sea grasses. Fields that smell like life, 7 times over, until swallowed by the great hungry Pacific.

RAIN ON A BROWNSTONE | One time I thought I needed everything. (I don’t)

RAIN ON A GREENWICH VILLAGE APT | Don’t erode too many layers, please. You’re my first investment.

RAIN ON A CASTLE | Please go on. (thank you)

RAIN ON FARM | The straw will be heavy tomorrow.

RAIN ON AKROPOLI | Damp the fires and show us what it’s like to Stand.

HUMIDITY | Don’t be so dramatic. Why wait? Tilt your vessel and pour already.


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